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Do I need to install qoom medical locally?

No, qoom medical is cloud-based. We have consciously decided for the following reason:

Primarily, the security of your data is our top priority. The data is hosted by Microsoft Azure in Europe. Microsoft not only complies with different ISO standards (9001, 27001, …) but is also certified according to ISO/IEC 27018, the new data protection standard for cloud services. The certification according to 27701 also further strengthens the GDPR requirements for data protection.

In addition, your data is protected against internet attacks by comprehensive security measures of qoom medical. This does not only include the use of a SSL security certificate for data transfer or the storage of your data according to 256bit military-grade encryption, but qoom medical is also protected by a comprehensive web application firewall (layer 7).

Thus your data is protected against security vulnerabilities according to international security standards, such as OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS 6.5.x and SANS Top 25, this includes DDOs attacks and much more.

We know that it is not always easy for practice owners and their IT service providers to protect themselves against external attacks. A report of the German NDR shows that in most cases the IT infrastructure in medical practices is insufficiently protected.

This makes it all more important that we use comprehensive protection mechanisms as standard to protect your data and you can continue to concentrate on the most important thing, your patient!

Do I have to use a specific QM system?

No, qoom medical is flexible.

You can choose between different QM-systems, like ISO 9001, QEP, KPQM or even your own QM-system. You can create different manuals and name them flexibly.

This also allows you to create additional work safety, hygiene and data protection manuals.

Will qoom medical help me with the setup?

Of course, together we will look at your current situation in your practice and then discuss how to proceed together.

If you already have documents in Word, we can import them for you easily. If you only have the documents in printed form, we would first have to get an idea of the effort involved. But we will certainly find a mutual solution here.

In addition, we will conduct one or, if necessary, several online training courses on the tool with you and your team. In addition, we will try to get in contact with the team during the first weeks to make them familiar with qoom medical.

Afterwards, our support will be at your disposal at any time.

Can I test qoom medical at first?

Yes, absolutely! Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke.

Test qoom medical for 90 days and then decide if you want to continue.

Can I purchase additional licenses on a monthly basis?

Absolutely, we know the problem that sometimes you need a temporary person for 1 or 2 months. You can purchase a monthly license for this period.

Your advantage is that the documentation of these users is also initially stored in an audit-proof manner. After the retention period has expired, you can then delete the user’s data in accordance with data protection regulations.

Does qoom medical also offer consulting services or certification?

We do not offer comprehensive consulting services such as QM workshops or certification according to QEP or ISO 9001.

You should first of all decide for yourself which QM system you want to use. If you want to use an external/internal data protection officer, or if you want to take occupational safety into your own hands.

Our Info-Center already provides you with a lot of important information. You can also search for the ideal partner on our partner portal.